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Hi There,

First of all thanks so much for visiting my internet home! I am known as PJ (my real name is Prajakta) and I am your host for this site.

Ginger & Garlic is a web recipe catalog of my experiments in the kitchen and it comes to you from the small charming town of Los Gatos, California.

I believe in cooking simple & healthy food from local & seasonal ingredients. I am a big fan of local farmer's markets and sustainable eating practices!

Being Indian my cooking is influenced by Indian flavors, but now and then I love to go out and explore a new vegetable, new spice or a new whole grain and make it mine.. the global pantry is out there and the odds always favor the adventurous, right?

I own a ton of cookbooks, rent the rest from local library and browse through too many food blogs to count but rarely do I follow a recipe from start to finish. I instead take inspirations from the recipes and then try to make them my own.

I suggest that you use the recipes from this blog the same way; spice measurements are approximations so please adapt to what tastes the best to you.

My recipes, like most other recipes, borrow a lot from my culture, the awesome cooks in my family, TV shows, food magazines and cookbooks and most of all the greatest treasure of online recipes that comes from the fellow food bloggers! Whenever appropriate I try to give the credit to the recipe source but my sincere apologies if I do miss to acknowledge the source once in a while.

The rest of me:
I am an engineering director by profession and have a day job that I absolutely love! When not in kitchen or huddled in front of my laptop looking up recipes, you can likely find me buried in office work or playing with my daughter and loving every minute of it!

I love reading whatever I can get my hands on (fueled by the mild insomnia that I carry). I also love yarn crafts like knitting and crocheting. Landscape painting (acrylics) bug has caught me recently, too early to say if its here to stay though. 

So much for the self, now lets talk about you! I love hearing from you. If you want to suggest a variation to a recipe I posted, have a question/comment about the ingredients or the process, or just want to stop by and say hi, please feel free to use the comments section. You can also use the contact form here to contact me or just write to me at GingerGarlic.blog@gmail.com. Either way, I love hearing from you so keep those messages coming!

Thanks again for stopping by and hope you have a good time browsing this site! Have a great day. 
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Copyright and Disclaimer

This page and all of its contents is copyright of Prajakta Gudadhe. All rights reserved.

This is a web catalog of the recipes that I have tried and tasted in my kitchen. While these recipes and instructions have worked well for me, please use all the information and the recipes from Ginger and Garlic at your own risk.