Sunday, July 4, 2010

A peek into the garden

When we moved in about four months ago, three fourth of the yard was cemented and half of the remaining one fourth was occupied by a small lawn patch. The only open space to plant any new vegetables was around the perimeter of the yard. The perimeter was largely occupied with rose bushes with spaces in between. People who lived before us must have been rose lovers because at the last count we had 21 rose varieties! Yes, we have white roses, yellow roses, pink, red, crimson.. you name it and we probably have it. My husband is specially happy because now even if he forgets the anniversaries and the birthdays all he has got to do is run to the garden and pluck a few different roses :) The roses probably deserve a post for themselves, so this post I'll stick to the vegetables and fruits instead.

One of the first two plants that were our addition to the house were a fig tree and a lime tree. This mission fig tree is about eight to ten months old but is already bearing fruit that is very sweet!
(mission figs)
The tree is about say 4ft tall and yes, I am racing for the first fruits with the squirrels who seem to have an eye to feast on them :)
(fig tree)
The lime tree is a dwarf which is bearing fruit but has not grown a lot since we planted a few months ago. The fruits seem a bit immature and dry still but hopefully next summer I am looking forward to some homemade lime serbet!
(lime tree)
One of the sweet surprises I had after moving in was to discover this hugely grown rosemary bush and an adjacent thyme bush! I don't know how I missed this tree when we viewed the house the first time, but I was so glad when I first realized it was rosemary (and not a spring flower bush) that we were looking at!
(rosemary bush)
If you were wondering about the sudden abundant use of fresh thyme on this blog, then thank our previous home-owner for this wonderful thyme plant! Its just so much fun to go out in the garden and pick some fresh thyme to stir into pastas and sauces.
(thyme bush)
After a prolonged delay, last weekend I finally managed to plant some basil and cilantro seeds and look, the new seedlings are already coming up ready to say hello world!
(basil and cilantro saying hello world)
A new visitor just popped up within the last few weeks. We never planted mint but a few plants are showing up. Everyone is telling me to keep them contained as otherwise they might just take up the tiny basils and cilantro nearby!
and what would a summer kitchen be without tomatoes, right? This is an early girl variety that I inherited at my work-place. The plant is bearing small green fruits and I can't wait for them to ripen up!
(early girl tomatoes)
Another tomato plant that was a house-warming gift from a very close friend is also doing wonderful! For a month old plant this has grown a lot and is now bearing close to 35 small tomatoes at the last count... needless to say my salsas are all most anxiously waiting for these fruits to mature :)
(tomatoes plant)
and last but certainly not the least is one of our most treasured but untested plant of the house.. this ten-some year old guava tree! Guava trees are rare in this climate so I am looking forward with a bit of anxiousness to see how sweet the fruit will be. The tree right now is budding with a LOT of small guavas and is attracting a variety of chirping birds! I am thinking guava paste, guava jams... any more tasty ideas?
Have a great 4th of July weekend, everyone! See you next time.


  1. Woww beautiful clicks, feel like going through ur garden...

  2. nice garden and wonderful clicks..

  3. lovely garden...and fresh herbs in it...

  4. wonderful garden.. nice clicks too.. :)

  5. looks divine...wonderful clicks...!

  6. i haven't had guavas in ages and im so badly craving it..hope ur tree bears loads of fruits:)
    Nice garden..u are very lucky to have a green thumb

  7. Aaaw i wish we had a big lawn where i could plant few veggies, i love thyme and rosemary bushes, lovely fig tree as well :) Figs look all plump and ready to be plucked!

  8. wow great garden and loved the greens. isnt it great to cook with homegrown veggies. I love to.

  9. You are extremely lucky to have grown your own herb and veggies, love that fig tree. Is this the same as calimyrna fig?

  10. Hi, U are a lucky girl dear with so many plants welcoming you. Try jelly with the guava, it's amazing.

  11. Look at you.. you have a supermarket in your backyard. Enjoy the produce! And Happy 4th of July!

  12. How beautiful! Thank you for the tasty garden tour!

  13. Wow, you have some wonderful things growing.

  14. Nice garden and wonderful pics .Eager to see your rose garden

  15. Priya, thanks, I have been meaning to post garden pics for so long, finally got around to doing it.

    Neha, thanks and welcome to my blog!

    Sushma, thanks, herbs are my favorite additions to the garden.

    Hari, thanks! I am so glad you liked it.

    Jay, thanks.

    An open book, i hope the guavas we have are sweet.. i have never seen guava trees in this climate so i am not very optimistics but lets see :)

    Parita, actually i am not yet using the lawn patch. this is planted just on the perimeter :)

  16. Sayantani, it sure is so rewarding to pick up something from the garden and cook with it the same day :) i am hoping to grow more veggies next.

    Treat and trick, this is mission variety which is different from calimyrna. calimyrna when ripe is green on the outside; mission instead has a more elongated shape and turns brown when ripe. i like both though :)

    Pari, guava jelly sounds amazing, i just hope now the guavas are sweet enough :)

    Lassie, thanks and have a very happy 4th weekend.

    Nupur, no problem, I am so glad you liked the tour though :)

    Kalyn, thanks! I have been taking inspiration from your garden updates :)

    Padhu, thanks, rose garden tour is definitely the next one on the list!

  17. Wow! This is so beautiful and I loved that fig tree... I enjoyed this peek into your garden. Can't wait to see the roses :-)

  18. Thanks for visiting my blog dear, you too have a beautiful piece. Wow, your garden is lovely. I wish you were somewhere close to me as I soooooooo want that guava plant in my garden as I am looking all over for it :)

  19. Garden tours are always so special. The fruit trees are gorgeous. Wish you luck in the race with the squirrels and birds.

  20. That's exciting that your fig tree already has some fruit. I have to fight the squirrels for my mangoes, it's so frustrating to see a beautiful mango hanging there then turn it around...a bite taken out of it! :P I love having fresh herbs in the yard. My rosemary does the best I love it when you brush by it or water it you can really smell it. Your thyme is thriving too. Beautiful plants, and I can't wait to see all thoses roses!

    You can always make guava sorbet!

  21. Beautiful Clicks and lovely post

  22. Rachana, roses are definitely next on the line now :)

    Priya, thanks for stopping by. Guava plant would be wonderful; though mine is untested yet.. its uncommon in this climate so i am not sure how its gonna do.

    Indo, thanks, but you know how the race with the squirrels go, no one can quite keep up ;)

    Lyndsey, wow, a mango tree sounds wonderful. But yeah, so frustrating to see all your hard work become a squirrels lunch ;) yes, the smell rosemary has after watering is just so addictive, isn't it!

    Nisha, thanks, I am so glad you liked the clicks and the post.

  23. You'll really have to protect the tomatoes from the critters - many of my friends launch an all out war with netting and no-climb posts and what not to keep them from getting at the tomatoes - hope yours are left alone for you to enjoy! Love the herbs! :)

  24. You'll really have to protect the tomatoes from the critters - many of my friends launch an all out war with netting and no-climb posts and what not to keep them from getting at the tomatoes - hope yours are left alone for you to enjoy! Love the herbs! :)

  25. I'm so jealous of your garden! Can I come live in it?

  26. I always wanted to hv a kitchen garden in my gives immense pleasure to use fresh veggies.

  27. I always wanted to hv a kitchen garden in my gives immense pleasure to use fresh veggies.

  28. Miri, oh wow, i am keeping my fingers crossed that i dont have this issue with critters :)

    Joanne, absolutely, on one condition though, that you make your delicious breads and cakes for me in returns of the fresh veggies ;)

    Deepti, it does.. the work is a lot too though.. i am giving it a test run this summer season :)

  29. hi PJ,

    You live in Seattle don't you? I am amazed you are able to grow all this there :)

  30. That looks like a beautiful garden. I particularly envy you the beautiful fig and guava trees. Guava pastes and jams all sound wonderful, but I'd just slice up a guava and eat it with chilli powder and salt!

  31. Beautiful garden..hope to see many garden fresh recipes!!

  32. I love your garden PJ. The idea of eating garden picked fruits and vegetables makes me feel good. Have fun in your garden.

  33. Hi Anu, No, I live in bay area :) California weather seems to do good to tomatoes and figs and chilis and basil!

    Inji, I am very happy with the fig tree too.. guava tree though i dont know if its going to produce sweet fruits.. we'll see. Guava with chili and salt sounds fantastic btw!

    Panchpakwan, thanks! I am working on it right now ;)

    RV, thanks, I have been having fun eating garden grown figs.. i just have to race with the figs a bit!

  34. PJ nice pics and really good veggie garden.. so no need to shop u have everything there in ur garden good waork

  35. you lucky bug! What a pretty backyard with loads of herbs and roses! 21 varities did u say? i am coming to ur house uninvited soon!

  36. thats one handy beautiful garden. How I envy you. We have no p\space to plant anything and the soil is terrible here...
    Great clicks

  37. Beautiful veggie garden.. ANy food from our garden taste soooooo delicious and ur lucky to have beautiful garden.. Absolutely lovely clicks and cooling my eyes..

  38. wow you have got a lovely garden... And California weather suits these plants... waiting to see the fotos of your 21 variety roses... enjoii your garden

  39. Lovely clicks!! Figs and guavas??!!?? When should I drop in :)

  40. PranisKitchen, thanks, oh i wish i had a garden where i did not have to shop =p not there yet!

    Preeti, yeah, previous owner must be rose lovers! you are most welcome at any time ;)

    s, thanks, you know you can always try potted plants. i have a few friends who have beautiful potted gardens.

    Pavithra, thanks, yes, picking your food and cooking with it is strangely satisfying :)

    AdukulaVishesham, absolutely! the rose post is next.

    Mints!, anytime! no seriously, i need to plan something soon.. perhaps when guavas have matured more :)

  41. Beautiful click. Love figs.
    Nice to be here, following you to keep in touch.
    Best wishes.

  42. I always feel such a sense of accomplishment when I step out into my yard and pick a vegetable or an herb. I wish I could have a fig tree here (way too cold). But my brother gives me fig jelly though for Christmas from his tree.

  43. Beautiful garden! I am especially envious of the fig tree. I wish I could have one in this climate!

    What kind of thyme is that, do you know? At first glance I thought it was oregano. I have never seen thyme with leaves that big!

    Good luck with the basil - I started mine from seed this year too and it's looking pretty healthy now. Slow to get going but worth the wait.

  44. Sanjeeta, thanks and welcome to my blog! I am so glad you liked the recipes here and the figs, ofcourse :)

    Lori, it is, isn't it! our fig tree is doing well and producing good food.. it will take it some years though before it can product enough figs to make fig jelly.. i can't wait!

    Ursa, thanks! figs are doing great; there is just a race with squirrels to get to the really sweet ones though :) my basil is coming up nice. yes, looks slow to start but i cant wait for it to grow up now! i am not sure about the thyme variety, i'll look around and get back to you. yes, the leaves are sure bigger and it looked like oregano to me too at first :)

  45. Figs do well in CA. I haven't had much luck with my Guava plant, but mine was a small plant that didn't put up a good enough fight against Jack frost

  46. I must say, U r one lucky girl PJ, love the tour of your garden, I always want to have a kitchen garden, feeling so happy for u...

  47. This is such a wonderful visual treat for me... I feel jealous of the rosemary and thyme bushels .... i grow them in small pots and it's very tough to keep them growing throughout the year.... :-(

    How i missed this one too , i was out of town in the first week of july too.

  48. What a splendid garden you have here. Enjoyed reading through the post as always.


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