Thursday, September 2, 2010

Yes, I'm here...

I know this space has been a bit quiet recently so I thought I'll stop by and say a quick hi.

Incidentally, this is my favorite time of the year! Summer is slowly turning into fall. There is a slight welcoming chill in the air (or may be that's because the summer never really came to the bay this year). I have been working a lot, weekdays and weekend, and cooking whenever I get a chance. Largely though I have been surviving on 20-min dinners and batch-cooked Sunday meals. I haven't been cooking anything fancy or new, just the everyday food that we somehow take for granted and never photograph :)

On the outdoorsy side, the garden is in full-bloom. My tomato plants are thriving; guavas are maturing, squirrels are devouring the figs and basil never looked any better. After a long struggles even the baby hummingbird who had nested nearby learnt to fly!

I know the recipes are missing recently but I am planning to be back very very soon. Yes, I promise :) Till then, leaving you with some of the garden macro shots that my husband recently took.

The garden weeds:

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