Tuesday, January 17, 2012

20-minute lime-orange cookies

Wow, can't believe it has been so long since I last posted over here! For the past few months I have been a blog lurker, drooling over all the scrumptious recipes which have been making the rounds. Continuing to post was always on my mind but somehow or other different priorities took over. Never mind though, I suppose better late than never!

There really is no excuse for being absent for so long - however time flies by so quickly! It seemed only so recently that I heard I was expecting and needless to say life's priorities took over and now I am a proud mommy of a month and half old cutie pie who is entertaining us all throughout the days and nights :)

So many things change so unexpectedly with a little baby and the life as you knew before changes so utterly and completely - but you know what the best part is, every time she looks at you and smiles or holds your finger with her little fingers, you know for sure you won't be treading these moments for anything else!

I am still learning the tips and tricks of being a new mommy and juggling work, life and mommyhood (so feel free to share your tips in comments!) but one of the first few things I learnt is to go for easy, clutter-free lifestyle. Long gone are the slow simmering, 2-3 hr recipes which used to entice me so much (atleast for now!) and in its place are the quick cooking, fresh and healthy meals which can be put together from start to finish in 20-30 minutes and require very everyday ingredients.

One such recipe is this quick cooking easy lime cookies from Anjum's new Indian. These cookies are very easy, they cook up in ~20mins, are made from all pantry ingredients and are very forgiving. Best of all these are the cookies to go to when an afternoon sweet craving strikes to a largely empty cookie cabinet to go with a simmering pot of afternoon tea or coffee.

Original recipe called for adding lime zest to the cookies. I modified this by adding equal parts lime and orange zest so technically these should be lime-orange cookies.

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