Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Spicy Black Eyed Peas Stew

Every year on the first of the year we try to cook up a big batch of black eyed peas. So as the first of the year is just a night away, thought I will post one of my favorite (slightly adapted from previous) recipe of black eyed peas.

In parts of US it is considered a good luck to eat a meal of black eyed peas alongwith some greens (usually sautéed collard greens) and cornbread on the first day of the year. The symbolism behind this is really cute. The black eyed peas swell during the process of cooking (from dried to cooked). The swelling of the peas indicates prosperity in the coming year. The greens indicate 'greens'=money for the new year. and the spiciness of the food is symbolic of the the spice in your life for the year ahead. 

More than the symbolism though, I follow this food tradition because I really like black eyed peas and this is a good opportunity to cook a big batch of these delicious but often side-stepped legume.

Being a lazy and greedy person that I am, I tend to cook all the prosperity, wealth and spiciness in one single pot instead of making multiple dishes :) One pot meals rule in our house-hold! Anyway, so here is to prosperity, wealth, spiciness and happiness to all of you in the coming new year! Happy New Year!!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Holiday Cookies and A Wish for a Very Happy New Year!

Hi there! It has been so long.. sometimes life and work have a way of taking over things you love, don't they? Neverthless, I am committed to keeping this little space alive and buzzling, even if that means, ummm, 10 posts a year. A slow going is better than no going, right?!

For me Holidays are always the best time of the year. I have come to realize that holidays gain a special meaning and bring even more happiness and joy if you have a little one to share it with. May be it's a parent's deep desire and drive to make a perfect holiday for their little ones or it's the joy it brings to see a full blown smile on their faces seeing the Christmas tree at home lit up for the first time.. but holidays do take a special meaning with a little one around.

My little one just turned two. I have been meaning to start a holiday tradition with her, something simple, something just the two of us share every year - mother and daughter thing. And what else a foodie can think other than cooking or baking! So baking Christmas cookies is it. 

This was our first year of baking Christmas cookies at home. They turned out very tasty (much better than what I was expecting out of sugar cookies to be honest!). Although our hands could get more skilled with cookie decoration, overall we are quite happy with the results..

Little one was very excited and took a very active role baking the cookies, much more than I expected her to do at this age. I called her my baker's little assistant :)

I followed a simple but clearly a winner recipe from Allrecipes for making sugar cookies. The only change I made was to quarter the recipe - making only 15 servings which was more than enough for us to enjoy and share with few friends we met over Christmas.

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